Our club got to do something pretty special yesterday!
Last year our charity of choice was Turning Point 
and we tried to support them in any way we could. 
We were so proud to deliver this $10,000 cheque to them yesterday to fund their Giving Back Program! Our club's vision is to Connect, Build and Serve Community and this was so perfectly aligned with that vision.
Back story...
You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the issue of homelessness and public drug use. It not only looks bad, but it is also a safety risk for the community as well as the people who are experiencing it.
CONNECT Community
Being able to connect with Turning Point and making the effort to understand all they do and perhaps more importantly, WHY they do what they do, has given us this unique opportunity to enable them to assist with this issue in a very meaningful way. The Giving Back Program will send two Turning Point harm reduction staff along with two peer volunteers as the Giving Back Team. The Team’s role is to actively find and collect needle and other drug debris throughout the community and ensure its safe disposal.
BUILD Community
This goes further and can be an opportunity to provide education and support to individuals they may encounter who have improperly discarded debris. This project is also an opportunity to actively involve people who inject drugs in cleaning up drug debris at the same time as engaging them in identifying what the problems and solutions may be.
SERVE Community
We are proud to serve Turning Point this way, in turn offering a service to their clients, such vulnerable people that giving this experience to is invaluable, and resulting in a service to our community - making it a cleaner and safer place to enjoy.
Thank you for all you do Turning Point!
And to our community...when you see the Giving Back Team out cleaning, please make eye contact, say hi and give them a big kudos for Giving Back - this one small action could make a world of difference. ❤️

Brenda Sargeant, Rotary Club of Red Deer Urban Spirits, Stacey Carmichael, Turning Point, Aisley Miles, Turning Point Giving Back Lead